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Venture Investment Due Diligence

Due diligence is the process of investigation and analysis of a business performed by prospective investors, It examines the operations and management of the business, providing a verification of information and data.
Terra Communications’ Due Diligence service incorporates an analysis of the market, industry trends, competitive outlook, review of management team profiles, assessment of potential for growth and future investment. The end result is a solid foundation for investment, future investment and growth.

Terra Communications Due Diligence service includes:

  1. Structuring the due diligence review
  2. Pre-due diligence preparation checklist
  3. Required materials listing (including financial documents)
  4. Industry/market, competitive, financial, investigative and cultural due diligence.
  5. Income calculation (to verify different future financial scenarios)
  6. Business assessment valuation.
  7. Due diligence report.

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