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Terra Communications is an international business investment, strategy and transformation consultancy, with a focus on assisting organisations of all sizes to achieve their business objectives in the new digital economy environment.

Headquartered in Australia, Terra Communications was established three years ago in response to the growth of digital media, convergence technologies and the increasing demand for customer service and new products. The company’s niche focus is on assisting organisations of all sizes (government organisations and large, medium and small businesses across the public and private sector) to prepare, position and leverage existing investments towards opportunities in the digital environment.
Terra Communications’ fundamental premise of operations is through the process of Business Transformation* and the incorporation of digital technologies designed to drive long-term sustainable business growth.

The balance between customer expectations, business systems, people and technology is critical to its clients' success.

Terra Communications works with a number of high profile global customers including federal and local government organisations, as well as local start-up companies across a range of industries including consulting services, broadcasting/media, banking and finance, agriculture, aviation, telecommunications and retail.

Terra Communication’s principals have undertaken work across a broad range of organisations including Accenture (New Zealand), IBM Global Services (North America), IBM (New Zealand), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Westpac, Vanguard Investments, Queensland Investment Corporation, ING Direct, Fonterra (New Zealand), Forte Solutions (now Navitaire), and emerging companies SPEX New Zealand and RPM Retail, New Zealand.

Terra Communications Services - Proven Model Based Approach to business

With the growing rate of innovation, the gap between businesses and their markets is widening. This is a direct result of rapidly evolving information and communications technologies no longer aligning with the business and its changing environment.

Reflecting the increasing number of Internet and new media businesses, and the growing number of opportunities for business improvement in this digital economy, Terra Communications has developed specialised services that focus on incorporating these techniques and technologies into organisations’ strategies and operations -allowing them to compete in this new business paradigm.


*Business Transformation is an integrated approach addressing the leadership process, strategy, finance, organisational structure, operations and ICT.


Terra Communications Model Driven Business Transformation is an approach developed for this business environment to enable organisations to model the current business situation (including objectives, strategies, business processes and procedures, customer services and products) with its macro and micro economic influencers and to align these towards the organisation's future business objectives.

The result is a more agile and responsive organisation around changing business environments, economic indicators, and customer service/product expectations. And an organisation better positioned to leverage new opportunities, make more informed business decisions and to execute on these decisions.

Terra Communication’s niche in the Australasian market is unique – leveraging digital economy knowledge, customer service and product market expertise and business transformation and supporting ICT related skill-sets that directly address key weaknesses in organisations.

Drawing on a solid understanding of the digital economy, related technology and customer service trends, and with more than 20 years experience in business development, business operations, strategy, ICT and management consulting, Terra Communications has developed a range of specialised services including Management Consulting; Business Development and Commercialisation, Capital and Investment Services and Speciality Services suitable for established multi-national and government organisations as well as small to medium businesses, including start-up operations.

Services offered:
Management Consulting Services including

  • Executive Decision Support services, Model Driven Business
    Transformation services (including IT Transformation, ICT Governance, Enterprise Architecture) and Transformation Project Staff Services

Business Development and Commercialisation services including

  • Business Angel assistance, Directorships, Executive Leasing, Business Planning, Venture viability assessments, Alliances, Mergers and Partnerships & Step growth

Capital and Investment Services including

  • Venture Investment Due Diligence, Preparation for Investment-Readiness & Capital Raising

Speciality Services – Business Development support such as

  • Web based Performance Management services –, Start-up Networking and Resources site –


Terra Communications also offers a package of services designed for the small to medium enterprise (SME) based on a monthly fee-for-service structure. The module based approach includes access to the organisations systems, tools, and processes, and is tailored to the transformation requirements of each individual organisation.

Proven reference models of systems and processes as per industry best practices are implemented as part of this approach, to assist in developing a global market presence and long term sustainable commercial returns for each business.

The Terra Communications Team
Terra Communications was founded in 2005 by Managing Director Peter McCaughan.

Terra Communications consultants have solid backgrounds in business, consulting and technology and demonstrated expertise across all areas of strategy, business development, operations and technology. From the establishment of start-up companies, to ensuring commercial viability of established business operations.

The organisation’s consultants have proven expertise in business transformation consulting, modelling, road mapping and project management using industry best-practice modelling tools, combined with an understanding of the interdependence between market dynamics, business dynamics, business strategy and operational execution.

Consultants leverage business processes, business systems, people and ICT in the implementation of organisational products and services that are designed to drive sustainable growth and future opportunities for each business in this digital economy.

Terra Communications consultants have held senior positions in a range of business environments including government, multi-national corporations and management consultancies, as well as some of the top 50 Australian companies and start-up organisations.

The business draws on a pool of talented resourced, depending on the nature and scope of work for each project.

For further information including details on the way we work, please contact:
Peter McCaughan
T: + 61 (0) 7 3303 8792 
M: + 61 (0) 433 913 160



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