Mergers, Alliances and Partnerships 
An Investment Service

Business Growth can be by a process of organic growth, acquiring new customers, developing and supplying new 'horizontal 'and 'vertical' product lines to both existing and new customers. 

While this will achieve incremental growth, it will not achieve step growth. Step growth can be achieved through mergers, strategic alliances and partnerships.  
For qualified opportunities, our service will assist and represent your firm through the  process of both finding an appropriate partner, and through a deal structuring process that will result in a win-win for both parties.

Through our alliances, we have access to a global network of similar principals in Asia, Europe and the United States, who can facilitate introductions to the appropriate companies based in those markets.

Through our alliances, for qualified opportunities our contacts have access to international funding sources for internationally significant amounts of project finance.

Through our alliances, for qualified opportunities we also have access to expertise and contacts that can directly facilitate IPO's on the leading bourses in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Our Mergers, Alliances and Partnerships process generally takes the following path.

  • Opportunity Viability Assessment  - Detailed Due Diligence on the Candidate opportunity
  • Merger, Alliance or Partner Search through our exclusive network of global contacts. No other New Zealand or Australian based investment,  merchant bank or VC firm has these contacts.
  • Detailed Due Diligence on the Merger partner
  • Deal Structuring Analysis
  • Deal Facilitation
Our M&A Service line  fees are based on a combination of per month service fees, and deal transactions success fees, which are a  percentage of the deal value. 

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