Model-Driven Enterprise Architecture
A Management Consulting Service

There are strong parallels between Enterprise Architecture and town planning. Town planners design urban developments in the face of many unknowns, such as new transportation technologies, or changing work and living patterns. Through effective town planning, cities and towns can be designed to accommodate future transport and communication technologies by employing features whose viability continues well into the future.

Enterprise architecture is similar to a master plan for the enterprise as a whole. It integrates business planning, governance and business operations, such as organisational structures, people and data, with enabling technological infrastructure of the business, such as automated systems and databases.

Enterprise architecture encompasses and enables the development of areas such as organizational intellectual capital, organizational learning, strategic planning, organizational design, competitive advantage, business process re-engineering, IT systems delivery and much more.

Enterprise architecture also facilitates the capturing and modeling of the intellectual assets of an enterprise.

Charles Handy estimates that the intellectual assets of an enterprise are usually worth three to four times tangible book value. (Stewart, 1994)
A well designed, and implemented Enterprise architecture facilitates the strategic utilization of an organizations intellectual capital,  which useless unless it can be exploited. It turns individual know-how into the property of the organisation, which can be used again and again to create value.

Our service will assist your firm through the process of assessing your current organisation from a holistic enterprise architecture current best practices perspective, and, together with our associates, through our approaches and best of class industry tools, we can assist in the development of your organisations EA capability, from a perspective of empowering your organisations strategic commercial value creation and optimization efforts. 
Our Enterprise Architecture Service Line services include :

  • Audit
  • Assessment
  • Business Case and road map development, that identifies tangible returns from Enterprise architecture investments.
  • Enterprise Architecture Implementation and Modelling
  • Best Practice Reviews
Enterprise Architecture is an imperative for any enterprise that intends to be a serious player in the knowledge economy.


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