Model-Driven IT Governance
A Management Consulting Service
IT governance provides a framework in which the decisions made about IT issues are aligned with the overall business strategy and culture of the enterprise, i.e technology is optimised to the business.

In a corporate environment, nothing inhibits IT investment more than an inability to measure benefits and keep control of costs.

An IT governance approach is key to implementing the metrics that are instrumental in cost control and measurement of benefits, and particularly portfolio management., but also, especially in ensuring decision making alignment with the overall business strategy of the enterprise.

IT governance also has parallels with good financial and corporate governance. For example, the CFO doesn't sign every check or authorise every payment. Instead, he or she sets up financial governance specifying who can make the decisions and how. The CFO then oversees the enterprise's portfolio of investments and manages the required cash flow and risk exposure. The CFO tracks a series of financial metrics to manage the enterprise's financial assets, intervening only if there are problems or unforeseen opportunities. Similar principles apply to who can commit the enterprise to a contract or a partnership. Exactly the same approach should be applied to IT governance."

For effective decision making, it is vital that relationships between business strategies, goals  business processes, IT services and the underlying IT infrastructure are transparent. This capability from an IT governance perspective, provides the foundation necessary to document and measure services, service level objectives and service level performance. The result is streamlined IT operations, optimized service level management, and improved customer satisfaction, amongst others.

An effective framework for IT governance where all elements and their relationships are linked to corporate strategy provides a solid foundation to enable your organisation to respond quickly and effectively to changing environments and to be in a position to take potential advantage of newly identified business opportunities by leveraging ICT from a business value creation perspective
Our service will assist your firm through the process of assessing and assisting to position your organisations IT function towards a point where this can be used as a lever in strategic business value creation efforts.

Our IT Governance Service Line services include :

  • Audit
  • Assessment
  • Business Case and road map development, that identifies tangible returns from IT governance investments.
  • Best Practice Reviews
Benefits of effective IT governance amongst others include positioning the enterprise to be able to respond tactically, plan strategically, increase effectiveness, reduce overheads and maximise return on investment for shareholders.


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