Model-Driven Business Transformation
A Management Consulting Service


Business transformation is about implementing the enterprise’s business strategy and moving the enterprise closer to its vision.

How well an enterprise can achieve business transformation, i.e business agility, is a direct indication and measure of its ultimate success.


Transformation is the art of modeling the current ‘as is’ state of an enterprise, the future ‘to be’ state and the transitionary ‘project’ states required to implement the future ‘to be’ state of the enterprise.

Effective transformation is based on a well defined enterprise architecture as a foundation platform, refer 5.4 Enterprise Architecture.

Effective transformation is effected through well defined and scoped program/project management control processes.

Business transformation involves a considerable mix of skills, not all of which are required at the same time. However, transformation can touch every part of an enterprise and it is important to manage the process carefully and completely.
Our service will assist your firm through the process of assessing your current organisation from a transformation perspective, and, together with our associates, through our approaches and best of class industry tools, we can assist in the development of your organisations transformation agility, from a perspective of empowering your organisations strategic commercial value creation and optimization efforts. 
Our Business Transformation Service Line services include :

  • Audit
  • Assessment
  • Business Case and road map development, that identifies tangible returns from business transformation efforts.
  • Transformation Planning reviews.
  • Attention to how transformation will be viewed and interpreted by customers, suppliers and external parties.

Agility in business transformation is an imperative for any enterprise that intends to be a serious player in the knowledge economy.


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