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Business Innovation and Model Driven Business Transformation

The next wave of profound business innovation is underway. Business Week has “The Innovation Economy” as its cover story while Fortune Magazine promises to bring the reader “Inside the New China”. And China has more Internet users than Germany, the United Kingdom and France combined!

More importantly, the rate of innovation is occurring at an unprecedented rate. From an external environment perspective, this rate of innovation is widening the misalignment between business and its markets, from an internal environment perspective, this rate of innovation is also widening the misalignment between the business and its supporting ICT and systems. This rate of innovation is demanding real-time business-market environment awareness, real-time business systems, real-time business analytics. And this rate of innovation is responsible for the strong resurgence of interest in Enterprise Business Architecture.

Apple Incs IPod encompasses virtually every aspect of this new wave of business innovation, it can be called a metaphor for this new wave of business innovation.

Apple IPod as Metaphor for Business Innovation

Perhaps the most profound transformation for Apple is its own industry morphing. What business is Apple Computers really in? The computer business? The music business? The publishing business?

What does this mean for its competitors. In  January  2007, Apple announced the I-Phone…, now taking on such brands as Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericcson, Blackberry amongst others.

Organisations that do not ‘get’ the new business dynamic and environment may well find their business models obsoleted by more nimble and faster moving organisations that ‘get’ this dynamic and environment, within the space of a few short years.  In software alone, already the Web is positioning for the its next ‘S’ curve jump, from Web 1.0, Web 2.0, to Web 3.0 – the Semantic Web… Let alone, accelerating advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials technology and so forth.

New techniques are required for the new economy business environment, enter model driven business transformation.

Model Driven Business Transformation

This is an approach that is designed for this new business dynamic and environment, to allow companies to model their business environment, macroeconomic and microeconomic influencers, their business strategies and to align their operational execution capabilities to their business strategies and to keep this in tune with the changing business environment, allowing the business to become more agile and responsive.

Our consultants possess business and technology backgrounds and demonstrated expertise in modelling, using state of the art specialist business modeling tools. We understand the strong interdependence between market dynamics, business dynamics, business strategy, operational execution, enabling ICT, capabilities, people, and business processes.


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