Viability Assesments
A Commercialisation Service

As a rule of thumb, using software products as an example, for every dollar that is spent on software development, a further $10 will be spent on the associated product development, and a further $100 will be spent on getting this to market. Therefore, a crucial question to ask upfront follows :
Q. "Is your idea, product, or service opportunity commercially viable ?". 
Our service will put your idea, product or service opportunity and associated Information Memorandum (IM) through a rigorous due diligence check point process designed to assess its commercial viability.  

Some Check points covered (very high level, each area will include many finer detailed points).

  • Industry & Market 
  • Economics
  • Harvest Issues
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Management Team
  • Personal Criteria
  • Strategic Differentiation
  • Fatal Flaw Assessment

If you do not have an IM, or are in the process of creating an IM, please contact us for information on our  free IM Introduction Consultation Service.
We can also assist with IM Preparation.

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